Mixtales is Katie Hill, Matthew Kariatsumari, Michelle Macklem and Dane Stewart. We share a belief that the imaginative power of sound amplifies the connective potential of storytelling. To that end, we produce fiction and non-fiction audio stories that explore relationships, perception and technology. We are based in Montreal, Canada.  

The Mixtales team pallin' around. L to R: Dane, Katie, Matthew & Michelle.

The Mixtales team pallin' around. L to R: Dane, Katie, Matthew & Michelle.

Michelle Macklem is a radio producer in Montreal. She has produced work for CBC and was shortlisted in 2015 for the HearSay International Audio Festival. In March 2016, she is releasing Adaptive, a podcast series about how human ability interacts with technology.

Dane Stewart is a musician, actor, and playwright based in Montreal. As a musician he's played internationally including Osheaga and SXSW. His first play How Exile Melts was produced by McGill University in 2014. He is dedicated to exploring the ethics of representation in creative processes of media production.

Katie Hill is a writer and producer in Montreal who enjoys listening to radio almost as much as she likes making it. She is a fan of storytelling, and aspires to help storytellers who she admires with sharing their work.

Matthew Kariatsumari is a producer and consultant in Toronto who helps organizations access government funding to pursue their dreams. He works as an advisor for numerous startup companies in southern Ontario and sits on the Board of Directors for an NPO contemporary dance outreach company.

Our logo was designed by the fantastic and talented Emma Nicol.