"Fembot" rides the radio waves

Have you heard the inner thoughts of Fembot – the ideal, socially constructed long-distance girlfriend? 

Listen to Mixtales' second radio fiction, "Fembot," on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio National's PocketDocs, presented by award-winning producer Natalie Kestecher. Fembot is nestled in the middle (17:30-23:15) of the episode "Two Lost Women and a Favorite Uncle," between a touching tale of a special relative and a quirky story about a woman who abruptly and violently loses her memory.

"Fembot" follows the sometimes funny, sometimes dark thoughts of Jessie, a woman socially programmed to fulfil the needs of her long-distance boyfriend, over the course of her typical day.

Listen to "Fembot" on the PocketDocs or download the episode, "Two Lost Women and a Favorite Uncle," on iTunes